Guido Mondani
Guido Mondani Guido Mondani was born in Genoa on October 29th 1945.
Editor by profession for over thirty years, he is a big collector of Rolex and Patek Philippe since 1986 when his wife Franca gave him a Rolex moon phases ref. 8171 in yellow gold.
He realized many important publications about Rolex and Patek Philippe which became indispensable treasures. Some of them are sold out and impossible to find anymore.
He became a reference for collectors and enthusiasts and he is known all over the world for his precision and reliability. Mondani sold in 2006 one of the biggest Rolex collections, with 309 Rolex wristwatches.

He is the author of:

- “Collecting Rolex Submariner Wristwatches”
- “Collecting Rolex Submariner Wristwatches II”
- “Collecting Rolex GMT-MASTER Wristwatches”
- “1908 – 2008: 100 Years of Rolex”
- "Rolex Submariner Story"
- "Collecting Nautilus and Modern and Vintage Patek Philippe Wristwatches "
- "Rolex Daytona Story"
- "Total Rolex"
- "Steel Rolex"
- "Collecting Rolex Submariner"
Franca Mondani
Franca Mondani Franca Mondani was born in Genova on April 25th 1959 and since 1980 works together with her husband Guido.

They developed together a real and true passion for wristwatches and it is exactly from this love that the COLLECTOR’S LIBRARY is born.
She is co – author with Guido Mondani of:

“1908 – 2008: 100 YEARS OF ROLEX”
Giorgia Mondani
Giorgia Mondani Giorgia Mondani was born in Genoa on April 20, 1984.
Growing up, she developed a passion for time pieces. One of her first words was “Rolex.” After having graduated with a degree in foreign languages, she worked side by side Osvaldo Patrizzi, delving deep into the world of time pieces, the world of international auctions and cultivating her linguistics skills.
In addition to Italian, she speaks perfect English, Spanish, French and has a basic knowledge of German.
She has worked with her parents for several years now as Marketing Director and has successfully grown their presence in the global market. She writes for various Italian and foreign magazines and maintains a daily updated blog, which covers time pieces - mondaniblog.
Author of:

-"Total Rolex"
- "Steel Rolex"
Family Mondani
Family Mondani Franca Mondani, Giorgia Mondani, Guido Mondani e Daniele Di Murro.
Mario Paci
Mario Paci Mario Paci was born in Florence on January 28th.
After the military service (one year), Mario obtained a working interview at Officine Panerai of Florence: here he met for the first time Ing. Dino Zei, who, after a brief conversation, assumed him saying “I want you remain here until the old-age, up to your retirement…”
Osvaldo Patrizzi
Osvaldo Patrizzi Nominated as one of the 20 most important men in the watchmaking world, Osvaldo Patrizzi was born in 1945 and has been very keen on watches since he was young.
An “apprentice” watchmaker in Milan, from 1965 until 1973, he then worked as an expert and restorer of antique watches. During this period, he was appointed Expert of the Italian Association of Antique Horology Dealers and consultant for the Swiss Custom.
After arriving in Geneva in 1974, he founded the Galerie d’Horlogerie Ancienne (renamed Antiquorum in 1981).
He realized his great dream in 2007 when he founded a new auction house bearing his own name:
In December 2009 he was named MR. WATCH by the German magazine Weltkunst.

Innovative, Mr. Patrizzi is the author of many publications of Guido Mondani Editore:

- 3 editions “Rolex Wristwatches”
- 2 editions “Collecting Rolex Wristwatches”
- “Collecting Patek Philippe Wristwatches”
- “Collecting Modern and Vintage Rolex Wristwatches”
- "Rolex Daytona Story"
Lele Ravagnani
Lele Ravagnani Lele Ravagnani was born May 16th, 1951 in the province of Rovigo and he holds a commercial license for precious goods, jewelry, watches, works of art and antiques.

With almost thirty years experience in the field of antique and watches, he is co – author with Guido Mondani of:

- “Collecting Rolex Submariner Wristwatches”
- “Collecting Rolex GMT – MASTER Wristwatches”
Paolo Spinello
Paolo Spinello He was born in Milan on 12/18/1956.
He entered the world of high watchmaking as a collector around the mid 80’s. Relentless in his search for rare and singular pieces, his passion brought him into contact with Gabriele Vittozzi. Today they manage the shop “I Signori del Tempo” in Milan.
Author of:

Gabriele Vittozzi
Gabriele Vittozzi He was born in Milan on 7/30/1958.
Qualified “Maître horloger” and heir to a family which had already owned several
shops in this sector, he has always been fascinated by the pulsating heart which animates any watch of a certain rank. He repaired his first “ Lord of time” in 1968, at the age of ten. Enthusiast and extremely valued connoisseur of the watchmaking world, he is also in great demand as a restorer of special dials and cases of vintage watches, a field in which he has been working since the early 80’s.
Author of: