The term “Master” indicates the most important position existing aboard a ship, and means “principal”, “leader”, and in our Rolex Universe the MASTERS represent the most complicated watches.
The term “complication”, in horology, indicates each supplementary mechanism inserted into the watch movement, which has a different function above and beyond the simple visualization of the time.

Even though this definition of complication is universally recognized among collectors, a watch which has for example only a date or a chronograph is rarely defined as “complicated”, this qualification is destined only for those examples with greater complications, which require much more refined and sophisticated mechanisms.

The complicated watches that we examine in the STEEL ROLEX ACCIAO Book, not only have their own inherent charm of the past, but are also the demonstration of pure watchmaking mastery.
In the book we talk about:

the MOON PHASE: For “moon phases” we intend the complete cycle of lunar months or lunations: last quarter, new moon, first quarter and full moon. One of the most rare Rolex models, very much sought after by collectors, is represented by the complete calendar with moon phases, reference 8171 (ø 38 mm), nicknamed by Italian collectors “Padellone” due to the importance of its dimensions in relation to the period of production (1949-1952 in about 1,000 examples in steel, yellow or pink 18 ct gold).

the legendary DATO-COMPAX