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Today Rolex Passion is the most updated edition on Rolex wristwatches: a book that illustrates and describes all vintage and modern models, including timepieces introduced at Baselworld 2017.
Rolex Passion also represents the first “social book” by Mondani, tradition combined with the future: the code QR on the cover of the book takes you directly to our page on Facebook (“Rolex Passion by Mondani”), which has...
Rolex Day-Date history
In 1956 Rolex presents one of its most successful and most popular watches ever: the DAY-DATE, the first chronometer wristwatch which is selfwinding, waterproof and comprehensively indicates the date and the day of the week.

The Day-Date represented a worldwide innovation: it was the first watch to indicate the date in the three o’clock position, and the day of the week in the 12 o’clock position.

We can read in a 1963 Rolex catalogue that the calendar existed in eleven languages, in a Rolex leaflet in 1979 in 24, whilst in 1985 in 25...
The term “Master” indicates the most important position existing aboard a ship, and means “principal”, “leader”, and in our Rolex Universe the MASTERS
represent the most complicated watches.
The term “complication”, in horology, indicates each supplementary mechanism inserted into the watch movement, which has a different function above and beyond the simple visualization of the time.

Even though this definition of complication is universally recognized among collectors, a watch which has for example only a date or a chronograph is rarely defined...
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The protagonists of this book are the 300 vintage Rolex watches sold at the auction “Rolex Collection of Guido Mondani” which was one of the most important watch auctions in history. The incredible result, equal to 11,037,278 CHF, demonstrates that a Rolex is truly a secure investment. In these pages you will find all the watches sold at the auction with detailed descriptions, and their hammer prices....
Mondani Club benefits
Every Mondani Club Member will receive a fidelity card which will give him many privileges.


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Giorgia Mondani interview on
"The LA Fashion" is a famous fashion magazine, which interviews and portrays the most famous models in the world. On the occasion of the spring publication of the magazine which celebrates the extremely important Fashion Weeks (where the model and woman of the hour Gigi Hadid appears on the cover), the journalist Lisa Milosavljevic interviews Giorgia Mondani and publishes two pages about her.

Inside the news report "12 Goal Diggers to follow in 2017" a great interview is published, which illustrates her celebrity on the social media, her plans, her relationship with fashion...
New York Times and Giorgia Mondani
The New York Times published an amazing article about Giorgia Mondani.Click here to read it

Reading this interview in one of the world’s most important newspaper is a big satisfaction for our family; it is a honor and privilege being featured in such an important publication.

Kathleen Beckett interviews Giorgia Mondani about her favourite watches, her collection, family and life.
Giorgia explains that she is one of the very few women in this business and she never travels without her husband Daniele. She tells how she got the watch passion from...
Omega Speedmaster: the history
“Nobody could foresee the remarkable destiny of the first chronograph with a tachymeter scale on the bezel that Omega brought out in 1957”

The Speedmaster first appeared in 1957, following an idea by Pierre Moinat, creative director of Omega.
His plan was for a robust, waterproof chronograph on a band offering an easily read dial. The name, Speedmaster, was chosen as a suggestion for its use in the sport field.

Its fate took a stratospheric twist in 1965 when NASA chose this model for the astronauts that would land on the moon.
Mondani Web: buy and sell luxury watches
Mondani launched his social marketplace for buying and selling new and pre-owned watches from the best brands.

You can see all watches for sale at the world’s most reliable watch dealers here

There are multiple benefits, both for buyers and sellers.

Buyer’s benefits:

- being in direct contact with the world’s most important and reliable watch dealers

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- Mondani warranty both...
Patek Philippe: New version, updated in 2016
Patek Philippe watches are exceptional collectable pieces and they represent a sure investment too.

It is not easy to find information about Patek Philippe and the few you can see on-line is not always reliable.
That's why Mondani Editore dedicates more than 900 pages to this brand, with the realization of the most complete and prestious work on Patek Philippe.

Two volumes are dedicated to vintage and modern Patek philippe wristwatches and the third one is about the Patek Philippe Nautilus, an iconic model that excite collectors from all over the world.
Patek Philippe Nautilus 40th anniversary
In 2016, Patek Philippe is celebrating the 40th anniversary of its casually elegant Nautilus collection.
For many aficionados and connoisseurs of classic watchmaking artistry, this is a memorable occasion as well.
A look back to 1976 not only shows how quickly and dramatically the world has changed since then but also illustrates how well the Nautilus has stayed its course across four decades in terms of design, dependability, and popularity.
With two limited-edition Nautilus 40th Anniversary models, the manufacture manifests its ability to keep pace with the times...
Giorgia Mondani has one of the 9 Best Instagram Accounts for Women’s Watches
Dear Customers,

we are glad to inform you that Giorgia Mondani has been nominated one of the 9 best Instagram accounts for Women’s Watches.

With high quality pictures posted every day, Giorgia has now more than 108’000 followers, but her profile is growing and growing.

Follow her @giorgiamondani and follow Guido Mondani @mondanidoc and Franca Mondani @francamondani

We are glad to share with you a preview of Giorgia’s interview with The Watch Lady and some of the pictures on Giorgia’s Instagram profile:

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ROLEX DAYTONA : Why do the Rolex dials oxidize and change color sometimes?
The color change , which sometimes is very pleasant and creates fascinating patinas, is due to the fact that Rolex has always used organic paints for the dials. When the dials were not sufficiently protected by a transparent varnish called " Zappon " , the silver that composed these paints would get oxidized with the sulfur content in the air turning it patinated . These color changes are progressive and not settle with time , a factor that makes these dials unique specimens .
They are called by collectors " TROPICAL " .
The black dial of the reference 16520 from the period...
Patek Philippe: the origins of the Nautilus
Taken from the third volume of "Collecting Nautilus and Patek Philippe"

Buy Online the Patek Philippe books

The 1970’s was an extremely difficult period for the Swiss watchmaking industry in general; we remember how, during that decade, the cutthroat competition of the “made in Japan” quartz watches forced the Swiss entrepreneurs to carefully review their organizations and to put their products through a major lifting surgery.

Patek Philippe management had foreseen the need for change, it was necessary to...
Rolex Story: Sold Out
Only 300 examples worldwide. The most complete books ever realized on Rolex.

Rolex Story presents watches that never appeared in previous publications and provides updated price list of every Rolex watch (new and second hand)


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The term “Master” indicates the most important position existing aboard a ship, and means “principal”, “leader”, and in our Rolex Universe the MASTERS
represent the most complicated watches.
The term “complication”, in horology, indicates each supplementary mechanism inserted into the watch movement, which has a different function above and beyond the simple visualization of the time.

Even though this definition of complication is universally recognized among collectors, a watch which has for example only a date or a chronograph is rarely defined...
Why buying directly with Guido Mondani Editore
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Guido Mondani Editore offers a perfect service for every customer all around the world. Books will be shipped quickly by Fedex or Corriere Bartolini. Giorgia and Guido Mondani will have direct contact with all clients, suggesting them the best edition about Rolex, Patek Philippe, Panerai, Tudor and Omega.

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Buy-Sell Rolex
Dear Collectors, Mondani Editore is glad to inform its client that we are now offering a new service of “Buying and Selling Rolex”.

Thanks to the big quantity of collectors and dealers we are in touch with, we would like to offer you a free service of “mediating” between those who have interest in selling and buying a Rolex watch.

In order to inform us about the piece you would like to buy / sell, you can send us an e-mail to specifying model,reference, case number, conditions of the watch and...
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