Rolex Gold and Platinum
The Book about all Rolex in white, yellow, pink gold and platinum, both modern and vintage
Authors: Mondani Giorgia
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Text in English and Italian, 280 pages, worldwide delivery by Fedex.

Together with the book you will receive the “Golden Boy” t-shirt as gift

Rolex successfully combines form and function, no
matter the material used: be it steel, gold, or platinum.
This new edition is all about gold, the symbol of
perfection, purity, and timeless splendor; and platinum,
the noblest of all metals.
Dear friends, I hope this new book will reinforce and
stimulate your passion for Rolex.
Times change, fashions come and go, yet some sure
things remain. Just as the prestige and value of gold
holds firm, though expressed in various objects and
models, so too does Mondani Editore. It maintains its
position as the world’s leading publishing house in the
watch sector, albeit for the first time with the signature
of only Giorgia Mondani.
In the realization of this book, just as in life, I supported
Giorgia with advice from my experience; however, in this
new adventure I let her “take the helm”.
Times change, but reliability and professionalism remain.
Perhaps it is in a more youthful form, on an international
scale, yet nonetheless it is founded on certainties and
values built over the years.

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Classic and shaped models (among the most famous shaped models we find: Prince, Classic, Railway, Brancard, Tank, Dauphin, Curvex, Cellini and more)
Oyster No Date (All those Oyster Rolexes without date, in yellow, white and pink gold)
Date and DateJust (the Datejust was the first selfwinding waterproof chronometer wristwatch and market the history of Rolex foever)
Day-Date (the first wristwatch which indicates the date and the day of the week)
Enamel dials (An interesting and fascinating variation in Rolex watch themes is found in the Enamel Dials. The most employed enameling techniques in watchmaking are called “Champlevé” and “Cloisonné”, that require a skill that few artisans possess)
Masters (the most complicated watches produced by Rolex, such as Dato-Compax, Moon Phases, Tru-Beat, Yacht-Master II, Sky-Dweller and more)
Chronographs and Daytona

The book “Rolex Gold and Platinum” is accompanied by the updated estimates of all gold and platinum Rolex watch (modern and vintage)
Rolex Gold and Platinum Rolex Gold and Platinum Rolex Gold and Platinum Rolex Gold and Platinum Rolex Gold and Platinum Rolex Gold and Platinum
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