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Rolex Daytona Self-Winding
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The new edition “Self-Winding Rolex Daytona” is the most complete and detailed edition on these wristwatches.

The Expert’s Opinion

Here we go again.
This time we are talking about a true legend:
the DAYTONA. Since its birth in 1963 it has always been a very modern chronograph and the self-winding model is increasingly
sought after.
The most famous ROLEX of all time, the series 16500, has been equipped with a self-winding movement since 1988: the caliber 4030, a chronometer with C.O.S.C.
certificate based on the Zenith El Primero 400 caliber.
This series remained in production until 2000, when it was substituted with the new Cosmograph Daytona, which is powered by the cal. 4130, entirely manufactured by ROLEX: the series 116500.

Even though internet, social media and many forums have helped to define the various Marks of the reference 16520 over the years, extensive research has identified new Mark variants, which were introduced to the subcategories of the Mark III and Mark IV. In addition the Marks of the ref. 116520 have been classified, described and illustrated in detail, like never before.

We are particularly proud of this new publication:
dedicated to all collectors, this edition further increases the knowledge about this extraordinary family represented by the modern DAYTONA watches, powered by a self-winding movement.

Gino Balbi

This new book is entirely dedicated to self-winding Rolex Daytona wristwatches: a complete and fundamental research, which has never been carried out in such detail.
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